Baby Witch Power - Are You One?

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No! You’re not! No such thing!

You may be new to the craft or less experienced than some other witches. So what, we’re all less experienced on some level than another. Let go of that as a negative.

If you’re new to the craft, you have advantages none of the rest of us have. Embrace them! You have an open mind for one.

I see so many seasoned witches so closed and set in their ways that they will never be able to meet their full potential because they are just doing what they’ve always done.

Why were greats like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and even Nassim Haramein so successful in changing the world?

Yes, they needed focus and intention to make a difference, but I say the primary reason is because they were not indoctrinated by the mainstream thinking of the time, they thought for themselves, considered things outside of the current box of awareness, and accessed wisdom outside of what was then “known”. 

This has always been the way of the witch, so why are so many modern seasoned witches stuck in what they think they know because that’s what they’ve always done?

Just like those greats I mentioned earlier, you are yet not stuck in the ways of the old energy system that many of us old witches were raised with and indoctrinated to. You can much more easily use the new energy of the planet which makes working with the craft soooo much better, AND easier!

Just as one simple example...look at the ancient texts that told people the only way to pray effectively was to face the East. In a very old energy that was tremendously helpful, but the energy has changed and it no longer matters yet a huge segment of the population still face east to pray. Does it hurt them, no, absolutely not, facing east is fine, but knowing that it is no longer necessary opens a world of possibilities. 

This is insignificant compared to what the changes in energy offer you today as a witch that was not available or even thought of in an older energy world.

Yes, there are certain basic understandings that will help you… it’s not overwhelming, there are ONLY 3 of them!

Here they are, ready?

  1. Learn to focus and channel your intention
  2. Learn to discern truth (so you know what to do that’s not wasting your time of misleading you to a useless or harmful path)
  3. Do it! (do not wait until you think you are an expert before practicing the craft - no one is an expert!

Record your actions and results, evaluate and shift something based on results and try again.

That’s it! Don’t get overwhelmed.

Yes, there is a lot of stuff out there about the craft and much of it contradicts each other. So what! Once you learn to discern what is truth for you, none of that matters anymore. 

Yes, check everything out. Test it for truth as it relates to you in the current energy, Look at what others do in light of what makes sense in this new energy and the level of truth in it Once you sonsider it, adjust it to increase truth and value.

Test your approach and record our results, adjust again if you need to.

If you practice witchcraft, actually perform spells, ceremonies and rituals, then you are already a witch. You may not be as effective as you’d like, but I know witches who have been practicing for decades who are not as effective as often as they’d like. 

Remember practice does not make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect.  Be kind to yourself and your process. This is the greatest value of your Book of Shadows (BOS). Record your efforts and the results. Remember that some results take time and a good BOS helps you celebrate successes over time. Your BOS also helps you adjust when the results were not exactly as you expected.

Now, If you just read about the craft, then you’re just a researcher, so there is still no such thing as a baby witch. You’re either reading about it or doing it - you're either a researcher or a witch. Which is it?

If you’ve been a researcher and are ready to be a witch, quit calling yourself a "baby witch" and take the next step:

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