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Check out some of Orenda's items available at the event. 


  • Readings and insight about anything and the opportunity to shift and clear energy around that situation for a better outcome.
  • Pre-clear, charged and programmed pendulums, water & crystals
  • Crystals & Gemstones loose, in jewelry and as pendulums
  • Orgonite pendulums
  • Sterling silver gemstone jewelry
  • Plus Orenda's newest proprietary pendulum reading charts & books to take your DIY ability to access wisdom to the next level - SINGLE CHARTS now available individually
  • And whatever else Orenda is inspired to bring
  • Not to mention a chance to pick Orenda's brain about whatever's on your mind. Warning, she'll pick yours too! 
  • Free Group talks, trainings &/or workshops offered at most events, please check the event's speaker's page to confirm times. Private or small group paid trainings also sometimes available. 

See you there!!

If you'd like to show your appreciation for the value received in the free trainings, donations are always welcome and appreciated via CashApp or Venmo (please include your name & email in the payment note if you want to be added to my free weekly energy clearings)