Dowsing Chart Book - Living Everyday in Awareness (printed)

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Which Charts are Included:

16 powerful dowsing charts take your readings far beyond the typical yes/no. Get answers fast!

We've included the charts most used in everyday life.


to determine what's needed now, where to address current body & pet needs as well as 

  • Time - Helps you determine when something did or will happen
  • Numbers - 
  • Life Balance - 
  • Life Force - 
  • What's Affecting Me? - 
  • Family Relationships - 
  • Triggers & Sources - 
  • Pet Communications - 
  • Lost Items - 
  • Body Systems - 
  • Nutrition - 
  • Allergens & Effects
  • Pathogens - 
  • EMF Energy - 
  • Talking Board - 
  • Customizable Arc Chart - 
  • 20-page quick guide

About the Author

Orenda Caldera, a native of Southern California, has studied a wide variety of esoteric sciences for over 45 years including dowsing. She not only dowses for fun & profit, personal growth, divination and planetary healing, but empowers others to do the same with a no nonsense “you can do it” approach. 

Whether you’re new to the process of dowsing or well-seasoned, there is always more to learn!


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