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Why We Use Product Partners

Why does Orenda's Call use product partners?

When Orenda's Call provides services, articles, tools and information to help you improve the quality of your life, we want to also make it easy to implement those new ideas and concepts. We do this in several ways:
  • We create Orenda's Call Originals, items to support your path.
  • We partner with others who already have items available for you r use or purchase.
  • We encourage you to DIY whenever possible to support your path and even show you how.

How we get paid?

In order to devote the most time possible to bringing you original content and tools that support your path of personal growth, we need to generate income along the way. We do this in several ways:
  • Create Orenda's Call Originals you can't find anywhere else, produce them and make them available for purchase through our site.
  • Partner with others you can provide products and services to support you. When you purchase any of these items by clicking through from our website, we receive a small payment in the process. This process does not increase your cost. For instance if you see an Amazon link on our site and buy the item from Amazon by clicking on that link, you will pay the same price as you would have to buy directly from the Amazon site. If you find a comparable item for less, please let us know. We want to find you the best deals too.

Our Current Affiliates Include:

We are continually searching for affiliates that can bring you value, so this list is subject to change and is not updated daily.

  • Amazon

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