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This Magickal Moment is a powerful ritual, a rite of passage to embrace your decision to be a Witch.

If you haven’t watched the the Magickal Moment “Are You A Baby Witch” go watch that first because that tells you the only three things you need to learn to be a witch. Then come on back here and let’s make it official because ceremonies & rituals are very powerful and important to the human psyche as Rites of Passage. Your decision to follow the path of the witch is no different! This is a huge step!

You’re in essence saying: 

  • I Am Witch, Hear me Roar
  • My calls is too big to ignore
  • And I’ll raise the mantle high as powers soar
Embrace it! 
To the core of your being! 
Embrace it!

If you have been drawn to this path, then I guarantee you will not regret your decision to jump into the deep end You may not think you know enough yet, 

but jumping in and committing to the path  Then acting like a witch, which means doing the things that witches do. That’s the only step needed to move from a researcher of witchcraft to actually being a witch.

Spoiler alert, there is no “baby witch” step in between, just like there is no step between NOT being pregnant and BEING pregnant. You either ARE or you’re NOT. And once you have a child, you are a mother or father and just like parenthood, being a witch is a constant, ongoing state of learning and expanding.

Are YOU Ready?

If not, then research some more and save this link for when you ARE ready, but if you are ready now, it’s time to embrace your witchdom with a rite of passage.

Oh, one more thing before we begin the ritual, I want to make an important recommendation. While there are only witches and non-witches, there are witches with more skill and experience vs less. For your own safety and the safety of others, this is not a game or a playtoy, I highly recommend that you take the firm mindset of “Do No Harm”, at least until you know enough about the potential pitfalls of the grey or darker path to be able to more safely navigate that path.  

Your path will certainly change and evolve over time. Perhaps you’ll decide to embrace the grey or darkness, perhaps not, but at least in the beginning, until you know more, please set a strong intention to “Do No Harm”

OK, now… Are you Ready to move from researching the craft to Being a Witch?

You’re still here, so Congratulations!

Below you'll find a link to download a free pdf of this ritual for your Book of Shadows or Grimoire. It is prepared in the format I prefer cuz I did it
That’s a ½ size because I use a “classic sized” Franklin Planner-type day planner for mine, but you can use it as a full 8 ½ x 11 page document as well, just turn it sideways.

Sidenote - In case you’re not familiar, a Book of Shadows or Grimoire is your personal record of your magickal activities and the results of those activities. Your BOS will prove critical to evaluating your effectiveness and helping you adjust what you do to improve your process and get more predictable results. And one day to celebrate how far you’ve come and perhaps even help others along their path. If you are serious about the craft, keep meticulous records - again, this is not a game. Welding energy is serious business.

Ok, go ahead and open or print out the ritual so you can better prepare.
Here’s what You’ll need:
  • Candle (any color, any kind. Many prefer birthday candles because inexpensive and burn through quickly)
  • 4 Bay leaves 
  • Small Bowl of salt or white rice to hold bay leaf as it burns
  • Glass of water (suitable for drinking)
  • Fine tip Marker or other writing utensil
  • Lighter or matches, of course, unless you like unlit candles

Why do you need these things? 

Yep, I want you to think about “why” certain ingredients in your spell matter, 
don’t just do it because me or anyone else told you to:
  • A Candle - adds heat, and energy and helps you increase your focus
  • Bay Leaves - Many good reasons, but something else could satisfy the requirement including plain old pure intention (once you get good at it). I like bay leaves for this though because:
  1. Accessible - Most people have them in their kitchen already (ease, cheap, accessible makes for good spellwork)
  2. Acts like sage as a clearing/ cleansing agent 
  3. They also have other valuable properties like healing, protection, love and prosperity
  4. As an herbalist I also choose my magickal correspondences because of their associated medicinal properties such as bay lowers blood sugar and one of our goals at the end of this is definitely to not be affected by all the sugar coated shit we come across out there regarding the craft, 
  5. Bay is used to treat cancer as well as gas/bloating, and I want to avoid anything malignant and get rid all the useless hot air spewed about the craft as well, it’s about cultivating discernment
  6. Bay increases bile production - better digestion means increased ability to use whatever you take in, in the case of growing in the craft, its energy & information 
  7. Also bay slows down the Central Nervous System which can promote easier access to that altered state of consciousness where magick can happen more easily

I sometimes use it as a tea and if you’re inclined to this, you should do your homework, because herbs ARE medicine and as medicine there are precautions to be aware of like for those pregnant or breastfeeding or 
those with diabetes since it can drop blood sugar levels, but in this case you’re probably not eating it or drinking it, we’re burning it. Felt like I needed to say that just in case you became compelled to use it in tea sometimes, as I do.

You’ve opened the ritual document, so read it over thoroughly, making any modifications that suit you, allowing you to fully embrace the intent and purpose of the ritual.

Let’s begin, I will be adding some additional information verbally not written in the printed version, so feel free to take some notes or revisit this recording to refresh your mind on any details.

Once you find a place where you won’t be disturbed, organize your tools on your altar or table in a way that makes sense to you keeping flame safety in mind.

Light your candle with ceremony and reverence as this will serve to add focus and energy to your intention.

Take a few deep breaths, meditate a few moments or as long as it takes, 
or simply focus on the energy of the flame.

Drop into a focused state of mind where all you are thinking about is this process and the feeling of the end result in a peaceful, yet knowing, reverent and sacred way.

Expand that state of peace, & calm beyond your mind down to your heartspace where it mingles with gratitude and compassion for yourself and all that you’re becoming. Then to your entire physical body, out to the edge of your auric field and beyond to the extent you feel is appropriate. 

Recognize and appreciate all the impact you will have on yourself, your family and those around you by embracing this part of you.

Boundary - I find that this high vibration is all the protection I need, but being new to working with energy, establish a barrier with your pure intent, at that edge where only benevolent energies can enter or leave so that inadvertent repercussions due to your inexperience are prevented. 

Choose a bay leaf and write the word “Baby Witch” or “Researcher” on it.  Crumble it onto your flame to burn or place it in a small bowl of rice or salt so that it stands up and light it to burn.

As your identity as a baby witch burns, be in a state of thankfulness for the journey of discovery.

Take three more bay leaves & write the words:

  • “Finder” of Useful Methods
  • “Seer” of wisdom
  • “Knower” of truth
Place these bay leaves under your glass of water, or drop them in if you have used non-toxic ink (like lemon juice or charcoal). Or create a “sigil”, a symbol to represent all three words and write it on the outside of the glass.

    As the candle continues to burn the intention behind the words and the benefits of the bay leaves continue to infuse into the water. 

    When you’re ready, slowly drink the water allowing it to linger in your mouth, being absorbed into the blood by the vessels under the tongue and mix with saliva for better absorption and digestion before continuing down into your system. Be aware of the power of intentions as you feel the water leave your mouth and move down your esophagus into your digestive tract to be fully integrated into every cell of your being.

    Sit with the results of the process for a few moments, really feeling and knowing all the ways this path of the Witch is empowering you, all the ways this path will give you tools to change yourself, and the world around you.

    When you have fully embraced this aspect of your identity, allow the candle to burn completely out or snuff it out with damp fingers or snuffer as a completion of the ritual stating “Mote It Be” or “It Is Done” to signify completion.


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