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Magickal Moments - Increase Ability to Focus to Instantly Improve Your Spellcasting

One of the best ways to increase your magickal power and effectiveness is to increase your focus and intention.

No, you don’t have develop a 20 year meditate practice or spend years working on a mindfulness practice, although that works too. 

Here’s a quick trick to help you stay in the moment and drastically improve your focus and concentration, which immediately improves your spellwork

To intently focus on something, yes clear your mind as best you can, but then whether the object of your desired focus is in your imagination or an actual physical thing, use all 5 senses when thinking about it, notice or imagine how it looks, in every minute detail:

  • How it smells
  • What it sounds like. If it doesn’t make a sound of it’s own, imagine what it would sound like as it moves through the air, wind, or rain perhaps
  • What’s the texture, what would it feel when touch it?
  • What about it’s weight if you were to hold it?

Take it a step further and notice all the little intricate details you need to be able to draw or paint that thing. The more details you can use in all 5 senses, the better your results. 

If you can merge with it and feel what IT feels, sees, and hears, this is another dimension of detail. Try this even if it is what many consider an inanimate object (even though we know better, right). 

The act of thinking about something in as much detail as possible can not only help you increase your powers of observation, but helps you connect to the object and actually get into that alpha state which is the minimum level where magick happens more easily. 

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