How to Know: Truth or Lie? The Witch's Way

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Discerning Truth The Easy Way! The Witch's Way!

Haven't developed that instant all knowing intuition yet? No worries, the best way I know to discern the level of truth in any statement or situation, by anyone at any time is pendulum dowsing. 

And the good news is, that to be a proficient dowser only requires the same skills you already use in your practice of the craft:

  • Dropping in to that same altered state of consciousness you use for spellwork, Tarot or or scrying
  • Releasing attachment to the answer
  • Asking the right question

    Yes takes a bit of practice to build confidence, but doesn’t everything. Learning to dowse is far easier than continually wondering whether something said or read is true or useful.

    Want to know if a particular book or segment of a book is true and accurate?

    Whether you’re being lied to by anyone, about anything?

    Whether that salesman is telling the truth about the quality of car you are thinking of buying, or the best price, or anything else?

    Is the method of a certain spell true and accurate and can you accomplish it given your current level of understanding?

    Do you have trouble discerning whether that flash of insight was a message from your intuition or just wishful thinking?

    The huge benefit of using a pendulum is that you can ask anything and actually see a physical answer. No interpreting the subconscious mind’s symbols, no parables, no guesswork.

    Once you master using a pendulum with skill, the possibilities for knowing anything and even using it to perform magick are endless and much faster and easier than using classic spells or detailed rituals.

    Have I motivated you to learn yet?

    If you don't know how, it's past tme you learned!


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