Affirmations - Great When They Work! (Step #1)

Step #1 for Effective Affirmations - Proper Mindset.

Oh, aren't affirmations just positive thinking?

  • NO, not if you want them to work! The word "affirmation" gets thrown around with more and more commonality every day. It is often used too complacently to carry the meaning it truly needs for optimum success. Affirmations stripped of any philosophical meaning and application are merely positive thoughts, effectively just wishing and hoping something will change.
  • Like the old joke:
"How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?"
"Only one, but the light bulb must want to change."
  • The power of pure intent. Spoken words have no power unless given power by the recipient. The effect is not in the words, but in the mind of the hearer. So our ears must hear words with pure intent and deeper meaning.
  • Beyond words and positive thoughts. The way you choose to live affects others. Consider the possibility that:
    • Regardless of your personal spiritual beliefs and practices, or whether you have any spiritual beliefs at all, I think that we can agree that who you choose to be regularly interacts with others in the world. 
    • The inherent nature of being interconnected with others means your life has the potential to impact others in very deep and meaningful ways.
    • Your actions, your smile or a single spoken word touches people around you all the time.
    • Through this interconnected web of life, you touch those around you, even people you've never met  as each person you impact, impacts another.
    • As a result of this web, your actions and decisions are so far-reaching as to be critical to the overall growth of humanity and the balance of the planet.
    • I believe that in becoming this "new you" that your affirmation represents or changing any aspect of yourself is a divine act.
    • As you are a sacred being, so the face you present to yourself and rest of the world is also sacred.
    • You matter! Your decision to better yourself isn't selfish, it's for everyone you come in contact with and everyone they may come in contact with after you!
  • Consider using an altar or other sacred space to give more meaning to the process.
    • We create or approach an altar because the act alone can "alter" us as it is usually performed with intent and ritual.
    • Perhaps you already have a place in your home you consider sacred. A small altar perhaps or a corner where you often meditate or pray. This place can be a physical space or only in your imagination. In either case, being in this space, in a meditative state can help you more easily manifest your desires. The space has been preconditioned so to speak with purpose. From this space, ask for guidance on your path of change and discovery. Not only will your quiet place support you, but ideas for manifesting your desire will flow to you.
    • For ideas to help you create your own physical or mental sacred space, click here.
  • For these reasons, and many others, we will call our affirmations "mantras" from now on.

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