Affirmations - Great When They Work! (Step #3)

Step #3 for Effective Affirmations - Write Following Specific Guidelines.

How you say it matters, so use these guidelines to create your own mantra or follow the link for some actual mantras to consider or modify to your needs.

    Criteria for an Effective Mantra.

    • State it in the positive: Use words "I can" words rather than "I can't"
    • Say it in the present tense: Use "I am" and "it is" statements rather than "I will"  or "I did".
    • Make it a statement of fact: this is not a wish or a hope, it already is!
    • Include an action word (ing): enjoying, attracting, feeling, communicating, etc.
    • Add emotion: blissful, gratefully, worthy, enthusiastic, peacefully, etc.
    • Only for You: "I am" rather than "my husband is", use "you are" only if feels right for you like while looking at yourself in the mirror with intent to affect yourself.
    • Be concise, but thorough. Shorter is better, easier to remember, and faster to repeat.
    • Create a rhyme if possible. Rhymes are more fun and easier to remember. Better yet, make it a sing-song with an easy little tune.
    • Sync it to a mental image or meaningful single character icon if you can.

    Step 4, here I come!

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