Affirmations - Great When They Work! (Step #6)

Step #6 for Effective Affirmations - Repeat Chosen Mantra.

Most say to repeat your mantra at least three times each day (aloud or silently) -  upon waking, just before going to sleep and during the day as you think of it.
      • Morning Mantra. Mantra can't work if you don't remember to say the consistently, so link your morning mantra to something you are already in the habit of doing every morning. For example repeat your mantra every time you brush your teeth, shower or brush your hair. It's also best to choose a consistent time every morning. Adding it to an existing routine easily accomplishes this.
      • Evening Mantra. It may be helpful to coincide your evening repetition with an existing evening routine like you did in the morning. At least you will be assured of doing it. I find it best to add a final repetition immediately before falling asleep. This final repetition should be done while lying in bed, in a completely and totally relaxed state just before you fade off to sleep At this point you should be in an alpha wave state, or at least very close to it. In this state you will gain the added benefit of sending your mantra more directly to the  subconscious mind in a light version of self-hypnosis. It's also a good idea to picture your chosen icon as you drift off to sleep. This final repetition can be tricky though. If you're too tired you may fall asleep before completing it, so don't skip your repetition earlier in the evening just in case.
      • Singing is Better! Give your mantra a happy tune that adds to your intention. Not only does it start to feel light, easy and fun, but soon just hearing or humming the tune will reinforce your mantra automatically. It shouldn't have to be hard work.
      • Remember to use your body's anchor spot and visual icon along with your mantra. At some point soon, every time you see your icon the linked mantra will automatically be reinforced in the brain without even repeating your actual mantra.
      • Use your icon as a desktop wallpaper, refrigerator magnet, written or taped to the bathroom mirror or anywhere it can trigger the linked mantra in your brain.

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