More Hygge Anyone?

A Little Hygge Goes a Long Way!

I came across The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking the other day while randomly browsing for interesting titles at my local library. Not only have I found that hygge is something I can no longer live without, I am compelled to actively seek it! What is hygge you ask...well the book's subtitle says "Danish Secrets to Happy Living", but this makes it sound like something you "do". Hygge is more of a feeling. There is no right or wrong way to experience hygge. It's a very personal thing. Perhaps hygge could be better defined as anything that creates the experience of feeling warm, cozy, cared for, happy, comfortable and content. Whether alone, with a special someone or with a group of friends, hygge has been described as "the art of creating intimacy". It's that rare and special connection with yourself or others that adds to the feeling of home. No matter how we get it, hygge is a much needed concept especially here in the West where we too often maintain such a fast-paced hectic schedule that we don't even slow down to really enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Foreign words can be tricky to use properly, but no need to worry about this one. Hygge can be used as a noun, adjective, verb, or compound noun such as hyggebukster which is a shabby pair of pants you wouldn't be caught dead wearing in public, but secretly treasure.

Some say that the Danes use hygge to escape the boredom of dark cold nights, but here in warm Southern California I find that turning off the harsh bright lights overhead, lighting a few candles and curling up with a fuzzy throw and a cup of real tea definitely improves my disposition. In short, it really helps me get my hygge on! The Danes are right, creating more hygge in my life has definitely increased my happiness quotient. Here are a few ideas for getting your hygge on:

  • Turn off the electric lamp and sit by the warm glow of a few candles. The Danes use more candles per capita than any other country in Europe.
  • Write an actual letter to an old high school friend. Snapchat can't compare to receiving a hand-written letter on humorous stationary.
  • Bake fresh bread. It's not as time consuming as it sounds. I found a great artisan recipe allowing me to whip up a batch of dough, leave it in the refrigerator just pinching off what I need to bake it fresh as needed. By the time the meals ready, so is piping hot bread. It lasts all week and by the end of the week it even has a nice sourdough-like flavor we love. Now that's hygge!
  • Spend an extra hour or two lounging around in bed on Saturday morning. Make sure you have lots of cozy blankets, a good book and if you can manage it, someone to bring you a foam-topped latte and breakfast.
  • After being out running errands in the rain,dry off in front of a crackling fire in a pair of warm woolen socks and a mug of hot chocolate (with more whipped cream than fits in the cup).
  • Get more sun, even of you just make a cozy spot in a corner nook of your kitchen where the rays of sun come through the window.
  • Get together with friends, not so much as a formal dinner party, but more of a gathering with a bottle of wine and a homemade ravioli bar. Just ask everyone bring their favorite filling to share and use wonton wrappers. Fun and easy. Remember nothing has to be perfect, in fact it's hyggier when it isn't.
  • Play cards or board games.
  • Take it outside - bundle up in front of a fire pit and keep the hot chocolate and mulled wine coming!
  • Make it soup night
  • Do something in the moonlight. Try fishing, dancing, swimming or even skinnydipping.
  • Don't deprive yourself! You're special, act like it!
  • Wear knitted leg/arm warmers in the winter.
  • Enjoy a pajama day (and don't feel guilty!)
  • Redecorate your bedroom with hygge in mind - at least one corner ;)
  • Learn a few of the constellations and skygaze.
  • When you're under the weather, write yourself a prescription for "tea and hygge"
  • Checkout a book about hygge from your local library. This is also a book worthy of buying to have on hand. I highly recommend Meik Wiking's The Little Book of Hygge. As the CEO of a Copenhagen think tank called the Happiness Research Institute, he should know but there are many others to choose from.

Well, I think you have the idea. Go ahead and hygge! Tell us how you get your hygge on!

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