Lemon Excercise - Imaginging = Reality

It's not JUST MAKE BELIEVE! Test it for yourself!
Key Concept - Your brain can't tell the difference between what's actually happening and what you imagine is happening.
The legendary Zig Ziglar told the story of Vietnam P.O.W. who kept his sanity while in prison by playing a round of golf every day in his head. He imagined playing so vividly that when he returned home to play has first real round of golf in over 5 years, he had knocked 20 strokes off his game!
In his groundbreaking 1980 book In Pursuit of Excellence, sports psychologist Terry Orlick stressed the importance of visualization by saying "Athletes who make the fastest progress and those who ultimately become their best make extensive use of performance imagery".
Test the concept for yourself!
Obviously do not listen to this audio while driving!
  • Close your eyes and relax
  • Take a few deep breaths to clear your mind and with each exhale become more and more relax.
  • In your mind's eye, vividly imagine walking over to a basket on the table filled with bright yellow lemons. You're not watching yourself do it, you are doing it.
  • Pick one up, hold it in your hand. Notice the intense yellow color as it catches the light.
  • Feel the texture of the skin as you turn the lemon over in your hand to look at the other side. Is it smooth or slightly bumpy?
  • Now place the lemon on a cutting board and with a sharp knife vividly image cutting open the lemon
  • See the lemon juice spraying out, a drop lands on your cheek and the strong smell of the lemon fills the air.
  • Now pick up the lemon, and as you bring it close to your mouth, the smell gets even stronger.
  • Open your mouth and take a bite, sucking the juice in...
STOP, WAIT, What just happened? I'll bet your mouth is watering. You may even have puckered at the intense sourness of it. All this bodily reaction occurred and the lemon didn't even exist!
Vivid imagination is a powerful thing and your body responds as if it's really happening!
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