Episode #10 - Ancestral Trauma BE GONE!


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In this empowering episode, we are identifying and healing familial ancestral trauma to not only change their affect on our life, but to also prevent them from being carried forward to our children and grandchildren.

There's a lot packed in here including how to determine the most impactful trauma to address first, when it happened and how to call in the appropriate ancestor to help resolve the matter. Because not all ancestors are willing or able to help. Some are just plain angry, bored or worse. Learn how to call in the right ones!

All without years of therapy or even a regression session. And amazingly, once the concepts are understood, the actual healing spellwork can be completed in just a few minutes time.

We'll also talk about the concept of time in a way you may not have thought about it before to gain a deeper understanding of how even science shows that actions we take today can and DO retroactively affect the past.

You may even be the ancestor you've been waiting for!

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