Episode #3 - Swinging Your Pendulum Outside the Box

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In this Episode we're be talking about how to swing your pendulum outside the traditional box of yes/ no answers.

Includes basics as well as some advanced topics like:

  • What do the movements mean
  • How to choose a pendulum
  • How to hold your pendulum
  • What makes it move
  • Where do the answers come from
  • A dowsing state of mind
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • What to do if you're getting conflicting answers
  • What can you do with a pendulum beyond yes/ no such as:
  • Clearing entities and bad energy
  • Pet & plant communications
  • Making better food & supplement choices
  • Identifying allergies
  • Working with belief systems
  • Investigating past lives
  • Finding lost items
  • Energy clearing
  • Why dowse using lists, columns, charts & scales
  • And much more

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