Episode #6 - Of Hair, Blood & Mashed Potatoes?

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Episode #6 - Of Hair, Blood & Mashed Potatoes?

Oooo...Mysterious bottles with Locks of hair and vials of blood conjure glorious images of a witch at work.

So True!!!

Don’t worry though, it’s just witches making use of science - what physics calls the properties of entangled matter.

Yep, witchcraft and magick are science again! But “don’t worry” you say .... really? You may have felt better about not worrying when you thought it was all make believe….but what about when it’s science??

Be afraid, be VERY afraid!!

In this episode learn about Taglocks.

What they are, what can they be used for, how to make them, and what to do with them (and what not to!!)

Taglocks - those small, but not insignificant things that can be used to create & maintain an energetic link to something far away from you like another person, place or thing.

Yep, it’s an energetic targeting system! Magick used as a specific heat seeking missile.

Sure they have been used almost exclusively over the centuries for manipulative purposes, but times are changing and so is the energy of the planet and the energy of the witch.

Because they establish a direct connection to something, they can also be used for wide variety of things like:

  • Healing that can change as the needs change
  • Even for delivering energetic solutions
  • Protection
  • Staying connected to Charms, amulets and talismans that you’ve made
  • Deflecting magical attacks
  • Keeping loved ones physically and emotionally connected while away
  • Even Self-care & emotional & physical healing bottles, on demand. These are all the more important since magick can be more challenging when you’re frustrated or angry. Times when you need it the most - for yourself o And more...

Find out some of the best choices to use for taglocks and why, creative ways to “house” them and use them and even adding safeguards.

Enjoy this episode and until next week...

Live using and believing in the power of magick!

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