Crystal Programming

How to Program Quartz Crystals (Mini-Course)

This Mini-Course is designed to help you recognize, choose and understand how to program quartz crystals.

Yes, quartz crystals are hold and emit energy and are programmable! Many of you already know this, but are you making good use of this special property inherent in the quartz crystal?

Crystal Shapes

Crystals form in different patterns depending on the chemical components. Recognizing the structural difference can help you not only identify the type of stone, but also tells you something about its properties.

Knowing for sure that you have a quartz crystal and not some other type is the first step in assuring that you will get the desired results when working with it. How can you tell it’s a quartz crystal? One way is to look at the shape of the crystal. Quartz, in it’s many forms are all silicone dioxide. Since the same chemical element consistently forms the same type of crystalline structure, if the crystal has a hexagonal pattern, it’s likely quartz.

Crystal Variations

Even though all quartz crystals are hexagonal, they do not grow identically. This guide will give you an idea about some variations that occur as they grow.

This is a good time to point out that crystals, unless damaged, continue to grow throughout their lives. While it is likely you will not actually see new growth appearing with the naked eye, you can ask your pendulum for verification that your crystal baby is still alive & growing.

Some of the diagrams indicate how to count edges and faces. We’ll talk more about the significance of these features later.

What is Quartz and is all good quarts clear

Quartz is one of the most well-known and prevalent minerals on earth and is an important constituent of many rocks. We are not going to take time to learn all about the mineral quartz in this mini-series, only the key properties as they relate to the purpose of this course.

As you recall, quartz is silicon dioxide and forms a hexagonal crystal system. If you’ve looked around a rock shop of metaphysical store, you’ve probably noticed that crystals of many colors fit this description.

That’s right, they are also quartz! Quartz can be found in many colors including clear, white, purple, pink, brown and black, as well as gray, green, yellow, blue and red. Sometimes even multi-colored or what’s called “banded”. Quartz is also contained in many other rocks including stones like amethyst, citrine, chalcedony, geodes, agate and is even sometimes found ‘marbling’ other stones like hematite.

Natural vs. Treated Quartz
Often quartz stones are heat treated or irradiated to enhance color. In fact almost all precious and semi-precious faceted stones for high-end jewelry have been heat-treated to improve color and clarity. When it comes to our purposes, this is important to understand because heat-stress changes the properties of quartz crystals (and all stones for that matter). They can even be affected by direct sunlight. Quartz completely loses the piezoelectric effect when heated above the Curie temperature of quartz—573 degrees C. Then when the temperature decreases below 573 C again, regions of the crystal become right-handed and other regions become left-handed, thereby ruining the crystal for piezoelectric applications. For our purposes, the crystals must retain these properties. Without them, they are still beautiful, but energetically useless.
In anticipation of your next, it is not easy to tell whether a stone has been heat treated without a microscope and a trained eye. It is easier to discern with the naked eye in some types of stones than others however. And the guidelines for that discernment is for another course, however we will say to be careful when a stone’s color is too brilliant or too clear as heat treating makes most stones including amethyst and citrine bolder, brighter, more colorful and freer of inclusions (opaque variations inside the stone). When i comes to witchy-ways, the less colorful versions may hold the most power.
Tomorrow we’ll start understanding why these properties matter and some of common products we use every day that rely on the unique properties of quartz crystals. Yes, crystal energy is mainstream! They just don’t admit it very openly sometimes.


Billions of quartz crystals are used to make oscillators for watches, clocks, radios, televisions, electronic games, computers, cell phones, electronic meters, and GPS equipment.

A wide variety of uses have also been developed for optical-grade quartz crystals in specialized lenses, windows and filters used in lasers, microscopes, telescopes, electronic sensors, and scientific instruments.

Quartz, the material in beach sand is now the material of the world’s most advanced electronic devices.

The demand is so high, that most today are grown in laboratories.


Timekeeping Before…

To better understand, rather than using computer chips or LCD screens, let’s start with a bit of clock history. Stay with me now, it all connects!

How do we measure time? Well we can repeat “elephant one”, “elephant two”, etc, but most of us have better things to do all day. Then thanks to Galileo discovering that a pendulum of the same length always takes the same amount of time to swing back and forth no matter how heavy or big a swing it makes - enter the pendulum clock.

In this kind of clock, the pendulum regulates the gears moving inside which move the hands so you know the time. You can test this with a piece of string and a weight. A weighted 10-inch string will swing back and forth roughly once each second (shorter strings swing faster, longer strings take longer).

The problem is that due to things like air resistance that eat up the energy, the pendulum will keep stopping, so they have a spring that needs to be wound to keep working.

Pendulum clocks also rely on the force of gravity, which varies slightly from place to place. But one day, a better way was guessed it, quartz crystal!

Quartz Crystal Timekeeping
Now to the fun part...enter the quartz clock.
Still has gears and has a battery which uses so little power that it lasts for years, but offers top of the line accuracy because a tiny quartz crystal replaces the pendulum.
The key is that quartz crystals are piezoelectric!
Although Paul-Jacques Curie discovered the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystals back in 1880, the first quartz clock was not produced until 1927. The power of things are known to the few long before they are mainstream.


Wonder of Piezoelectricity

Piezoelectricity - That means that if you squeeze (apply pressure) to a quartz crystal it generates an electric charge (voltage).

On the other hand, if you apply voltage to a piece of quartz, it vibrates at a precise frequency! It “shakes” at the set rate of 32768 times per second.

This is important to time keeping, but it is also important to us, and we’re about to show you why.

Important Note About the Details
Hope you weren’t too bored with the details and hung in there with us. The details were important to make sure you understood the power in your hands. We could have just skipped directly to the ‘how”, but we never want to tell you how to do something simply “because we said so”. You deserve more than that! Yes, the power is in the crystal, but you are a necessary part of that power manifesting in the way you choose.
Some of that power within you and your ability to achieve consistent results relies on the human brain understanding that it is real and possible. While the result can affect others without their belief, the programming portion requires you to know it is possible.
Take the 4-minute mile as an example. Experts said for years that the human body was simply not capable of a 4-minute mile. Not just that it was dangerous; it was impossible. Many say that people had tried for over a thousand years to break the barrier, even tying bulls behind them to increase the incentive to do the impossible. Yet once the first person did it, others quickly followed and today it is common place.
Like Wayne Dyer says, “you don’t believe it when you see it, you see it when you believe it”. The power is in your belief system - this is the key to achieving the ‘Pure Intent’ necessary to perform what others see as “magick”. With Pure Intent in the mix, it’s no longer magick, it just IS!
We are showing you enough here to give your believe-system a basis for belief. There is much more evidence out there to increase belief, we encourage you to find it if you need to. We would love to add more, but this is a mini-course, so unless enough of you request a longer course, the overview provided in this mimi-course should be enough for you to get the job done.
You are the Magick!

The Power of Piezoelectricity

Piezoelectric force is powerful! The piezoelectric effect is extremely useful in many applications including those that involve the production and detection of sound, generation of high voltages, electronic frequency generation, micro-balances, and ultra fine focusing of optical assemblies. It is also the basis of a number of scientific instrumental techniques such as scanning probe microscopes as well as more mundane applications such the ignition source for cigarette lighters.

These applications are on the rise, in part due to growing environmental concerns. The image provided shows projected industry usage of piezoelectric power by 2023 (according to Orion Marketing Research).

Best suited applications include: high voltage & power sources, sensors, and motors.

This energy source is mainstream, fascinating, and powerful, but we now know enough about it for our purposes.

Bottom line is, yes, crystals are a powerful tool!


Push / Pull Energy

A quartz crystal uses piezoelectricy in both directions at the same time!

It will vibrate when you put electricity into it and it will give out electricity when you vibrate it! It’s like a tiny push/pull engine.

Now for the best, dear fellow human, are an electrical Being! Yes, you produce electrical energy (as well as magnetic energy) all the time, 24/7! This happens throughout our body, and we even create electrical (and magnetic) fields that extended out away from our bodies and interact with the fields of others around us (but you knew that. 😉  ). For a specific example, consider one of the most commonly mentioned electrical currents created by the body - our heart rhythm.

The images were taken with Kirlian Photograghy and show the energy being emitted from a human hand on the left and an amethyst (quartz) crystal on the right. Energy is emitted from both, but thanks to the piezoelectric effect, these two energy sources continually feed back and forth to one another in perpetual motion in a continual exchange.

Physics of Human Intention

Now for the part mainstream science has not officially acknowledged, even though it has been measured and science does acknowledge the effects of human consciousness in experiments in quantum physics.

Many people are at least superficially familiar with the famous Double-Slit Experiment and Schrodinger's cat, but I think the physicist Pascual Jordan, who worked with quantum guru Niels Bohr in Copenhagen in the 1920s, may have said it best: "observations [human interaction] not only disturb what has to be measured, they produce it… We compel [a quantum particle] to assume a definite position." In other words, Jordan said, "we ourselves produce the results of measurements." Yes, human consciousness makes it happen a certain way.

On numerous occasions over the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of personally participating in human consciousness experiments involving only a few people to up to over 20,000 at a time. We were able to do things like cloud busting as well as more measurable things like raising the temperature of water in a sealed controlled environment 1000s of miles away. As a side note, I believe that the intention generated through the human heart is far more powerful than that generated through the brain.

As a result of these personal experiences and my studies in quantum physics, I completely agree with an increasing number of scientists who have no doubt this effect is real. One day everyone will know it. You can start using it now, no need to wait for 100% of the population to get on board.

When you program a crystal with energy (thought and human conscious intent), that energy pattern is held and cycled back to you as part of the inherent nature of the push/pull engine of the crystal - its piezoelectric nature.

The key then is properly programming the crystal to begin with. Once this is done, it should maintain itself indefinitely, until changed again in the same manner. So, yes the crystal is re-programmable too!

As an interesting side note, water can also be re-structured and programmed, but that’s for another course.


Crystal Faces Matter

According to research by many, including Marcel Vogel and Drunvalo Melchezideck, quartz crystals are either male or female and a quartz crystal can hold as many programs as it has faces.

Once each face has been programmed, if another program is added, one drops off to allow for the new addition to be stored. This effect was measured and recorded in their laboratory. We could go into more detail on this because it truly is fascinating, but this teaching is getting a bit long for a “mini-course”, so we’ll leave that for those who want to dive into a full course at a later time. Not everyone will want to go any deeper.

You do not need to know everything about electricity to flip on the light switch, right?

It’s also important to note that a crystal can be programmed using a female method or a male method. Again, too much detail for a “mini-course”, but there are powerful differences which are fascinating for those who want to go into it further!

Get ready! If you don't have a crystal appropriate for programming, get yours here.

Here are the basic steps:


So here’s what you need to know to use the awesome power of the quartz crystal:

  1. Get your hands on a quartz crystal! If you don’t already have one you can dedicate to this purpose, then we can help you get one at a reasonable price here. Note that while quartz crystals are not affected by gravity like a pendulum, it is affected by temperature, so if you kept the crystal near your body for instance, it would be maintained at a fairly constant temperature and create that fabulous push/pull energy more consistently. 
  2. Decide what program you want your crystal to hold and regularly cycle back to you. Perhaps it’s a general program for health, self-worth, self-love, protection, etc or perhaps it is more detailed and specific. Each program can be a single word or a longer phrase. The length of the program doesn’t matter, it’s the number of programs that are limited.
  3. Be very clear about your program, write it down if you need to in order to be sure you have total clarity around it.
  4. When you’re ready to actually program your crystal, hold your crystal in your hands, eyes open, looking at a face of the crystal you are programming. Honor it as a living being there to willingly and lovingly assist you. Go to that place within yourself where you have total focus and connectedness to your center (think of this as being in your heart-space). Feel a connectedness from your crown toward the sun above (the sun is out there even if doing this at night), as well as from your feet into the earth. Be completely grounded and centered. Likely this is a focused, meditative state, just as you are when you cast a spell. Your focused, pure intention is everything! Feel the energy of your intention welling up inside you and feel or see that flow of energy moving through your hands into your crystal.
  5. Release that program into the crystal and thank it for holding and continuing to lovingly cycling it back to you whether you are wearing it, holding it thinking about it or whether it is merely in your house, pocket, car or purse/wallet.
Blessed Be the Open-Minded and the Educated for they will find Magick!

If you need more details, visit us at the Witches Wisdom Academy Community Group.

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