Jingle 4-Fer - Anklet, Bracelet, Pendulum Chain AND Bookmark

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Gotta love a multi-tasker!!

This is a 4-fer!! Little silver-plated clapper bells all around mixed with beads (approx 8" in length).

Designed to be used as ALL of the following, you decide on any given day at any moment:

  1. Anklet - has a lobster clasp to easily wear it around your ankle . My ankles are huge, but at approx 8" inches, fits most people.
  2. Bracelet - By clasping at any bell/bead point, I can adjust this to various levels of wrist dangle, with or without the charm.
  3. Pendulum Chain - turn any well-balanced pendant or heavy charm into a pendulm instantly. 
  4. Bookmark - Can be stored in your pendulum bag or attached directly to the top ring of my "My Chart" books to easily save your dowsing place. I use mine with any book I'm reading as well.

I've also been know to clip it to my hair comb or tie for a lovely little embellishment. (I've even used it to create a lovely dangling connection between an earring and earcuff - get creative and let me know your creations!)

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