Complete Weight Control Program (Self-Hypnosis Audios)

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Our Most Comprehensive Weight Control Program Ever!

Includes Introductory Session plus 9 Powerful Self-Hypnosis Sessions!
Each session in this program takes only 15-30 minutes, is relaxing and fun to listen to while packing a serious punch. Intricately created with over 20 years experience to entertain and enlighten your conscious mind while activating the power of your subconscious mind to make reaching and maintaining your ideal weight more effortless than you ever thought possible.
  • Understand why your weight loss efforts in the past have been doomed from the start.
  • Why failure to drop those extra pounds in the past may not have been your fault.
  • Get off the rollercoaster once and for all!
  • Use your subconscious mind to increase health and energy while reaching and maintain your ideal weight.
  • Never “Die-it” again. This is a “Live-It” and “Love-It” program.
  • Understand why being too heavy is rarely about eating too much or exercising too little.
  • Lose weight without feeling hungry and deprived and without massive amounts of exercise.
  • Learn proprietary techniques to silence the cravings, easily recognize what your body needs and balance your metabolism.
  • As an added Bonus, this program also improves sleep, raises self-esteem/confidence and includes powerful tools to better manage stress, negative self-talk and emotions.
  • And a whole lot more ... .
Why Hypnosis Works when everything else has failed.....
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