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Hand Selected Quartz Crystal Pendants

I adopted these beautiful quartz crystal pendants at a recent gem and mineral show. They are not only lovely, but hand selected to be full of energy!

The energy of a quartz crystal has nothing to do with size, shape or clarity, but a unique connection to the person. I prefer quartz crystals with scars, inclusions and markings. They are more unique, have character and those markings tell of the life its life struggles and the healing performed within itself over its lifetime. For me it is a true testament to its healing power! Personally, I connect to these kinds of crystals in a deeper way.

Each picture of the crystal carries the energy signature of that crystal, so connect to the picture on an energetic level to make the best selection for you. Remember crystal picks up surrounding colors, absorbs and reflects light, so It's hard to get a good picture (since I'm not a pro). Perhaps the best image to determine clarity is the red background. The white background provided better structure details, although together with the flash, can make the crystal appear more opaque. I'll get better at the picture stuff, promise. All are clear crystal, not smoked or white with natural shade and clarity fluctuations inherent in natural stones.

Each has been cleared and pre-conditioned to more easily receive your personal energy signature. To learn how to program crystals yourself, check out our blog, free FB Group Mini-Course or we can custom program your crystal for you.

Each crystal has provided us with its name, although once you receive it, it may relay a different name to you for a more personal connection once it arrives.

Your crystal is a unique one-of-a-kind treasure and arrives in a cozy drawstring bag for safekeeping. (Random color. If your heart is really set on a certain color, let me know).


Note that these can also be used as pendulums. Most necklace clasps are large enough not to pass through the base ring, so you can just remove it from your neck and allow the crystal to hang from the clasp end of the chain. Use your own chain or add a new pendulum chain to your order below.


Neck chain/cord is NOT included, but a variety of options are available to add to your order.  See selection here.

01 Crystal "Angel" - 6 faces, approx. 10.9

02 Crystal "Brie" - 6 faces, approx. 13.2g

03 Crystal "Chara" - 6 faces, approx. 10.4

04 Crystal "Leah" - 6 faces, approx. 11.3

05 Crystal "Ricah" - 6 faces, approx. 12.9

06 Crystal "Cinti" - 7 faces, approx. 9.6

07 Crystal "Ella" - 7 faces, approx. 8.6

08 Crystal "Shell" - 6 faces, approx. 9.4

09 Crystal "Telos" - 3 faces, approx. 11.2

10 Crystal "Cilon" - 3 faces, approx. 10.3

11 Crystal "Midras" - 5 faces, approx. 11.3

12 Crystal "Inra" - 7 faces, approx. 8.9

13 Crystal "Kivah" - 6 faces, approx. 13.1

14 Crystal "Pali" - 6 faces, approx. 8.1

15 Crystal "Iltar" - 6 faces, approx. 13.5

16 Crystal "Terno" - 6 faces, approx. 13

17 Crystal "Olara" - 9 faces, approx. 13.5

18 Crystal "Beltar" - 6 faces, approx. 8.2g

19 Crystal "Ilan" - 6 faces, approx. 10.0

20 Crystal "Xentir" - 5 faces, approx. 9.3

21 Crystal "Krieri" - 6 faces, approx. 8.6

22 Crystal "Abella" - 9 faces, approx. 8.0

23 Crystal "Renar" - 6+5=11 faces, approx. 10.4g - Double