Stress Control Session (Self-Hypnosis Audio)

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This stress management session works by communicating with the conscious critical-thinking mind in ways it understands in conjunction with symbolism which is best understood by the subconscious mind as it works behind the scenes. This combination allows the subconscious mind to amplify effects, be called upon easily as needed and even continue to operate in the background after the session has ended.
This session helps you shift from a stressed, anxious, overactive mind into a state of calm focus. It is only in a state of calm focus that solutions can best be recognized and evaluated. The ultimate goal is not to mask the stress, but discover the underlying cause and eliminate it. That can sound easy, but the real cause is not always what it appears to be. Let's say a person knows they are stressed over finances. Yes, more money may solve the problem and the immediate stress, but the real underlying cause could be lack of confidence in asking for that deserved raise, or inability to see the money-making opportunities right in front of them. In this case, money could arrive to solve the immediate issue, but another financial crisis is likely to occur. This session was designed to help the mind calmly find the real cause and find a lasting solution.
More about Stress
Stress is intended to be the body's natural response to a threat. It flushes the body with cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline (among others) that quickly shift the body to “fight or flight”. As the body's energy and resources shift to evading the charging tiger, functions not relevant to “run” are severely diminished, things like recognizing future possibilities, problem solving and even digestion. None of these will be important if you're about to be eaten by a tiger! Stress today is different but it still triggers the same responses in the body. Stress can be experienced in a variety of situations from the sound of a phone ringing to the feeling of intense work overload, financial hardship or the death of a loved-one. The event is not the issue, the way we respond to it determines the level of stress it creates. Today's stresses need us to keep our other faculties in place so that we have the mental capacity to resolve the stressor, it's no longer usually about “run to safety”. That's the goal of this session. This session makes it possible to calm the “run” response going on it the mind and body so you can access information and recognize either the irrationality of whatever you're feeling stressed about or find potential solutions to what's stressing you. The solution is there, just usually unaccessible with all those stress hormones whirling around.
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