Workshop - Pendulum: Instant Answers -- 2-Day ZOOM LIVE & INTERACTIVE

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Advanced Classes & Add-Ons Coming Soon:
  • What's in a Question? Everything! - Asking the Right Questions & Refining Your Questions for the Best Results
  • Accessing Information About Others & the Future - Accessing information about yourself, your body and the past or present is one thing, but there are special techniques when we start wanting to find out about things that can change like other's actions and any future event.
  • Finding Lost Things, Even if they Keep Moving! - People, Pets & Items
  • Complete Pet Communication - Current, Past & Beyond the Living
  • Working with EMFs & Geopathic Energies - Includes locating ley lines, Hartmann and other energy grids and partterns in and around our homes which can affect our health and wellness.
  • Identifying and Healing Ancestral Trauma 
  • And oh so many more!

Another 2-Min Video (oldie, but a goodie)