Affirmations - Great When They Work! (Step #7)

Step #7 for Effective Affirmations - Act As If.

Fake it til you make it!
Put the "doing" before the "being"
      • Even Science Says So. According to modern physics thoughts make things. More specifically when you reduce molecules (matter) to atoms; atoms (matter) to sub-atomic particles (matter), then get even smaller science finds sub-atomic particles are no longer matter, but wave forms (thoughts). It is equally true that our physiology and actions (matter) determine our state of mind (thoughts).
      • Be It Now! To create the state of mind you desire, the "new you", carry yourself and take actions that the "new you" would take. If your mantra is related to earning more income, then what would a person who earns more do? No, not necessarily spend more money you don't yet have, but perhaps that person would devote more attention to their productivity. Would they arrive to work late, on-time or early? Slouch in their chair or site up straight? What would a person who weighs less do, how would they act? How would a non-smoker act? Do it, feel it, be it now! "Be the change you want to see in yourself!" (Gandhi paraphrased).
      • Mirroring. Identify someone who is already doing or being what you want to become. Consider that person's habits, actions or behaviors. What can you emulate that will help you be that too? What would they do or how would they act in a given situation? Find a model and mirror them.

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