Affirmations - Great When They Work! (Step #9)

Step #9 for Effective Affirmations - Monitor Results.

Testing and adjusting before starting repetitions is extremely important, but monitoring results as you so forward is equally valuable .
      • Give your mantra a predefined period to show signs of progress. Depending on your receptivity level and magnitude of the shift you're creating this could take a few days, a few weeks, or even longer.
      • Determine in advance whether there are indicators or behavioral markers that will help you know whether your mantra is working for you.
      • Not just the entire end result, but interim indicators.
        • Are you not to your ideal weight, but are you losing weight or no longer feeling the same level of compulsion to eat certain things that were a problem for you in the past.
        • Are you feeling more "worthy" of reaching the goal?
        • Can you see your "new self" more easily?
        • Are you feeling more excited about your "new self"?
        • Any small sign of progress will do.
      • Often we can only discern small indicators until a major shift happens, so be observance, but not discouraged if it's a little slow at first.
      • Adjust your mantra as needed for better success. Re-test. Go for it!

      Remember it's not work!

      The "new you" is already here, just hidden inside you.

      Deciding to be this "new you" is fun and so is the journey!

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