Affirmations - Great When They Work! (Step #8)

Step #8 for Effective Affirmations - Consider Potential Negatives of Success.

This may sound self-defeating, but it's critical to look at the potential resistance to success. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Who wouldn't want more money, more success, to be healthier, to maintain an ideal weight, or to have a better life in any number of ways. Yes, given the opportunity we would all take those things. Problem is, we all know people with some of these things and the result is not all wine and roses. Maybe we know someone who has the financial resources we desire, but they work all the time and their relationships suffer. Could this "risk of success" hanging around in the back of your mind sabotaging your mantra? Maybe you have a friend who maintains her ideal weight, but having seen what she eats you can't really consider it to be the good life. Some of these perceived side effects to your goals can be overcome within your mantra wording or i some other way, but to create a work-around you must identify any negatives loitering in the back of your mind, conscious and unconscious.
      • Let's Get Real. Think about your goal or mantra. Visualize having reached your goal. You are this! You're there! You did it! Now, list the worst things that could happen as a result of this change. I mean the worst! Write down everything you can imagine that could happen to anyone as a result of reaching this goal, even if you don't think it could ever happen to you. Here are a few ideas to get your mind thinking:
        • Making more money - brother resents you; friend thinks you're "to big y=for yourself"; friends won't hang with you anymore because they don't have the money to do what you want to do; kids become spoiled brats; never know whether people only like you for your money; spouse resents you because you make more money than they do; work all the time; more stressed...
        • Maintaining ideal weight - Can't afford whole new wardrobe; can't share clothes with sister/friend anymore; best friend acts jealous and cold; guys only like me for my looks; eat crappy salads all the time; always pass on birthday cake; can't share the same meal with the rest of my family...
      • Anything Affecting you? Determine whether any of the possible side effects of success could feel real for you. What's your gut tell you? If you are unable to discern by contemplating each potential risk you've written by the reaction in your mind or body, find more resources for uncovering your hidden belief systems here. The resistance you may have experienced to the first version of your mantra may be a result of one of these hidden risks of success, so if you're been able to clear it, try your original mantra again.
      • Modify Your Mantra for Success. It's important to resolve any hidden beliefs that could sabotage your plan.If doing this by modifying your mantra, be as concise as possible i.e. "I am gratefully maintaining my ideal weight" could adjust to "I am gratefully and happily maintaining my ideal weight". Granted what you choose to eat will likely change to accommodate your new desires, but at least it will be in a way that you're happy about. A minor adjustment like this may make a world of difference. To actually eliminate the hidden beliefs that are no longer serving you, find helpful resources here. 
      • Be sure to re-test the change, getting feedback from your brain/body.

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