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    Hypnosis can make losing that weight easier than you ever thought possible! We're so confident that you'll love this program and the new you it creates, we're offering a Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!


    Either LOVE the way you look and feel

    or TAKE ACTION NOW to make it different

    No Judgement - It's Totally Up to You!

    If you ARE EVER going to take action, it will NEVER be any easier than this! It's now or never!

    Don't believe hypnosis makes it that easy? Peer Reviewed research shows that hypnosis works. Read the proven results here.

    How Does It Work so Effortlessly? Hypnosis works by using your subconscious mind in conjunction with your conscious goals. The subconscious mind stores those internal programs that help us run our lives on autopilot based on past experiences. Some of those programs are useful, like knowing that fire is hot and best not touched, while others not so much.

    We acquire programs over time, then they become more set in stone each time we hear or experience things that reinforce that belief pr program.

    Your subconscious mind thinks, no, it knows, that you are overweight and unhealthy and that there is nothing you can do about it!

    No wonder everything you try doesn't work or if is does work, it only works for a short time. Only for the amount of time you can withstand the pain.

    The methods you've tried in the past required incredible amounts of will power just to keep them in place. It's an exhausting, constant, uphill battle.

    Before long, since you're not a total masochist, the extreme effort and sacrifice simply can't be maintained and you understandably quit.

    The fact that you can withstand this kind of pain and effort for any amount of time shows how strong you really are. And most keep trying it over and over again!

    You've been fighting a powerful opponent – your own subconscious mind!

    It's time to use that powerful force to work for you instead of butting heads with it!

    Lets face it, after so many unsuccessful attempts, you don't even really want to try again. You know you need to do it, your life will be better if you do it, but can you really say you want to go through the effort?

    It can be easier than you think!

    Most people I know who hold on to extra weight in their physical bodies actually eat less than I do! Yes, that's right, they usually eat less than I do and even eat most of the same things I do. Yet, I easily maintain my ideal weight while others don't. Why?

    I discovered hypnosis when I was just a kid, 18 years old in fact and have been successfully using it ever since. Now in my 50s I wear the same size jeans I wore in high school! I was so impressed by what it did for me that I researched, trained and became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist over 20 years ago, so that I could effectively help others not just with weight control, but a wide variety of quality of life issues.

    Controlling your weight can be the first step in becoming the next best version of you!

    There are several reasons why your body and my body treat eating the same food differently and ALL of them are programmed into your subconscious mind.

    Let me help you stop the madness! You can stop this cycle!

    Proven Results! Research indicates that hypnosis supports immediate weight loss and more importantly supports long-term ideal weight management. Here are just three out of hundreds of studies that come to mind.

    These results are even more impressive when you consider that doing hypnosis under controlled conditions is extremely difficult. To have the research indicate that people lose up to 16x more weight under hypnosis. Did that click? 16x means:

    If the control group lost 1 lb
    Using hypnosis lost 16 lbs!


    I believe clearly indicates that hypnosis should be used by anyone who is serious about weight loss.

    Ok, you must be serious or know someone who is because you're still reading this.

    OK, OK, you're convinced, now what's it cost, Right?

    First let me say that all hypnosis weight control programs are not alike! I have reviewed many and ALL of those I reviewed used almost exclusively what is called "direct or indirect suggestion". While this method can be very powerful and very effective for many people and many situations, I believe, especially when it comes to weight control much more is needed to facilitate complete success designed to last a lifetime.

    Being able to create and live your ideal weight is not as simple as directly or indirectly telling the subconscious mind that it will now go to the gym 3x a week or eat more greens. No, to truly live effortlessly in ideal weight, your subconscious mind must be able to release old limiting beliefs and start internally, automatically adjusting the body's metabolism to process everything you eat efficiently into energy or let it pass by!

    This is the most complete and comprehensive weight management system we've ever created. This program includes an Introductory Session as well as NINE more Powerful Hypnosis Sessions that don't just stop with food and body movement. These two aspects of weight management are actually the least important! These sessions improve digestion, shift metabolism, release limiting beliefs that have sabotaged your efforts in the past, as well as encompassing aspects to improve sleep, reduce stress, re-gain self-esteem, eliminate negative self-talk and offer better emotional support. This program was written to resolve all the typical antecedents of holding extra weight. After all, holding extra weight is just a symptom of what's going on inside the subconscious mind.

    I was hoping to create this program in fewer sessions, but I found that everything could not be accomplished in fewer than ten. This program would cost over $2400 with me in person.

    Don't panic! Because this program is designed to be used in the comfort of your own home I can spread out the cost, making it quite cost effective especially for such a comprehensive program.

    The only question is "Can You Afford It?". At the risk of sounding like a salesman, the better question is "Can You Afford NOT TO?" I know you can't afford to pass up this opportunity, too much is at stake. I want you to drop the weight, be healthier and live a long, joyous life. In short, I want you to be able to have access to this life-changing program!

    This is a program that makes achieving your ideal weight easier than it will ever be again, I certainly don't want the decision to be difficult. I want this decision to be a no-brainer! (pun intended). I want the only reason you would ever pass this up to be because you aren't serious about losing the weight. Because if that's the case, then you will have no regrets either way. That's a win-win!

    The Complete Weight Control Program ($2475 value) is priced at just $290 (that's more than an 85% reduction).

    I want to see you change your life, so this program is about to become totally irresistible.

    Our Most Comprehensive Weight Control Program Ever! Includes 9 Powerful Hypnosis Sessions plus the Introduction Session! Each session in this program takes only 15-30 minutes, is relaxing and fun to listen to while packing a serious punch.

    Intricately created with over 20 years experience to entertain and enlighten your conscious mind while activating the power of your subconscious mind to make reaching and maintaining your ideal weight more effortless than you ever thought possible.

    You can expect to:

    • Understand why your weight loss efforts in the past have been doomed from the start.
    • Why failure to drop those extra pounds in the past may not have been your fault.
    • Get off the rollercoaster once and for all!
    • Use your subconscious mind to increase health and energy while reaching and maintain your ideal weight.
    • Never “Die-it” again. This is a “Live-It” and “Love-It” program. No diets allowed!
    • Understand why being too heavy is rarely about eating too much or exercising too little.
    • Lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived and without massive amounts of exercise.
    • Learn proprietary techniques to silence the cravings, easily recognize what your body needs and balance your metabolism.
    • As an added Bonus, this program not only improves digestion and shifts metabolism, it encompasses aspects to improve sleep, reduce stress, re-gain self-esteem, eliminate negative self-talk and offer better emotional support while releasing limiting beliefs that have sabotaged your efforts in the past.
    • And a whole lot more ...
    • And NOW when you provide your "BEFORE" photo and stats (as well as periodic updates on your exciting progress), we'll send you encouragement and additional bonuses along the way.
    • Remember our FULL 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

    What do you have to lose (besides the weight)?

    Make this your best year ever!

    At $290, it's a bargain! Just think how that compares to what you've spent in junk food, outgrown clothing and unused gym memberships. Not to mention health and self-esteem issues that tend to come with being overweight and usually keep increasing with age.

    And remember our FULL 60 DAY NO RISK GUARANTEE - What do you have to lose besides weight! We are so sure you will love this program and the Next Greatest Version of You it will create. Results vary due to individual factors, that's why if you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us within 60 days of the original purchase date for a complete refund. One per customer.

    The download link for your 1st Session will arrive INSTANTLY when you process your request now! Give yourself the gift of a lifetime!


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