The Power of Creating A Personal Sacred Place

Imagine a special place in the world where every time you go there or even think about that place you feel calm, loved and replenished. You feel your entire body relax and say "ahhh, all is well because I am loved and cared for here". This is your sacred place. It can be physical or virtual. It's a place where the energies of your ancestors, friends and loved ones past or present can interact with you, waiting for you to be in this quiet place, fully in-the-moment, listening for wisdom and love they long to share with you. You are about to learn to create such a place. I encourage you to create both a physical and a virtual sacred place as each has the potential to offer gifts of their own. I'm so excited for you to have such a place where you can feel the deep love and support you deserve, so let's get started!

First let me say that you deserve to feel deep love and support along your challenging earthly quest. Most of us feel that the road is hard and there is little in the way of real emotional support along the way. It is quite normal for the conscious and unconscious mind to extrapolate this to “I don't feel loved so I must not deserve to”. This is an illusion your mind creates to justify the feeling of lack of support. Until we can feel worthy, it is very difficult to receive support that is being given, we can't even recognize the ways we are already being supported much less all that is available to us for the asking. Change that feeling that you are not worthy of being supported and the world around you changes. The mere act of creating a sacred place with the intention of using it to feel great love and support sends a clear message to the universe that you deserve it. Creating a sacred space where you can begin to feel loved and worthy of being loved is the first step to the best life you can have.

Your Physical Sacred Place

  1. Finding Your Place. Start by finding a special place in your home where you can go to have quiet time. Perhaps there's room on your dresser or on a small table in the corner of your bedroom where you can place a comfortable chair. Perhaps by the fireplace in the living room or even in the back corner of your closet where it's dark and cozy with a pillow to sit on. You may already have a place where you meditate regularly. It can even be outside in your garden. As long as you're comfortable there, can find quiet time there and can dedicate that space, no matter how large or small to this purpose, it will be perfect. I encourage you to have a permanent location, but if there are others in your home that make this impractical, you could ritually set up your sacred place only when you are using it. Start somewhere, you can always relocate if you find that your original choice is less than optimal. Spending time in your sacred place may even give you the insight into the perfect relocation place. Just go with it for now and follow guidance as you receive it.
  2. Fill Your Space with Pure Intent. What is your intention for this space? Always fill your space with your pure intent to feel loved and supported here, to be able to ask and receive guidance while in this space. To acknowledge that the act of being in your sacred place is a complete allowing of yourself to feel all the love and help of your ancestors, friends, loved ones past and present, angels, guides and the universe itself. Remember to greet them each time you arrive and thank them as you leave. In addition, your space can hold your intention for healing, worthiness, guidance, peace, patience, or anything else you feel useful at this time.
  3. Add Objects that Support Your Intent. Embellish your sacred place with objects that call to you to offer assistance in actualizing your intent. Perhaps start with a scarf or cloth that was given to you in love, or that makes you feel warm and loved. Add any items that empower your intent i.e. candles, crystals, meaningful stones, statues, incense burner, plants or anything else that calls to you. Consider a fountain or something holding water. Water, like crystal holds energy and naturally reminds us to be in flow. Program your water or crystals for even more power. Listen in the quiet for meaningful items to find you. It is not necessarily an intellectual choice. Feel it. If the thought of deciding on your own feels overwhelming, start with an existing indigenous tradition you connect with such as Aboriginal or African methods, or perhaps the Native American medicine wheel. Your space will likely change over time as you connect to it, so just start somewhere and adjust as you are called to. In many ways this is also the mantra of life itself. Take the next best step and adjust along the way.
  4. Be In That Space. It's not just being in that place that's important, it's being in that “space”. Not just the physical place, but the feeling of the “space” in and around the place. The feeling that you created with your intent and the response you are receiving to that intent from the energies you have called into that space. Everything, including the Universe itself (God if you will), who have deeply loved you throughout time. Consider including among them your Future Self who loves him or her self deeply. The one who recognized that they are who they have become because of what you do today and every day.
  5. Tools that Help You Listen.
    1. Breath. This is an age-old tool for focus, relaxation, grounding and centering. There are a variety of techniques so you will need to try a few to find the best for you.
    2. Soft Music or Chimes. I find it best to use instrumental, nature or rhythmic mantra music (toning, Ah, Om or Gregorian chants) free from too many distracting words that can draw me back into the external world.
    3. Aroma. I prefer sage or sweet grass, or sometimes a pure essential oil or blend. Use any scent that promotes a desired feeling or state of mind such as love, acceptance, receptivity, healing, etc.
    4. Candles. Candles create a warm accepting environment counter to the harsh lighting we usually have around us. The actual flame can be a focal point for meditation or contemplation. It can also be used for the literal or metaphorical burning away old thoughts or patterns. Even for supercharging (heating) up positive ones.
    5. Himalayan Salt Lamp. Similar to candle flame, salt lamps produce a rich warm glow. Beyond this however I always use one in my sacred space to receive the negative ions and other health benefits produced when this unique salt crystal is heated by flame or bulb. As the light passes through the salt crystal I find images and insight can appear in the patterns formed by the natural variations present in the crystal. These shifting patterns can take me 'far from the maddening crowd' and bring me peace just by gazing at them.
    6. Smoke & Incense. Incense is not only used for aroma, but for the smoke. Smoke has been a tool used in purifying and cleansing rituals throughout history and in all cultures and frameworks from indigenous peoples to modern religion. Sacred herbs are commonly used for “smudging” including sage, sweet grass, tobacco and cedar although a variety of herbs were used depending on region and the purpose. Smoke is also be thought to be able to carry prayers or requests up to the heavens to those who can provide answers.
    7. Fountain. The sound of flowing water can muffle sounds of the world outside as well as direct your mind inward. Commercially made fountains can be lovely, but tend to be pricey. You can make your own very reasonably.
    8. Standing Water. This can be a simple bowl of water or a water filled aroma diffuser bowl over a candle. The water's surface can be used for scrying or just focused reflection.
    9. Labyrinth. If your space is large enough by all means build a walkable one, but for most of us this is impractical. We can all use a finger labyrinth though. They are available for purchase, but consider making one. It's fun, and making your tools set deep intent in the process.
    10. Scrying Devices. Scrying is the act of looking at a reflective object and seeing what “is not there”, but we need to see. You can use a mirror, water, crystal ball, quartz crystals, a metal spoon or anything else that works for you. You likely have something around the house that can be used, if not make one or buy one. We all need a method for our inner wisdom to display itself until we learn to see it appear in our mind's eye. Find the tool that works for you. Remember tools are temporary and should be a gateway to your inner method.
    11. Mirror. Yes a dimly lit mirror can be used for scrying as mentioned earlier, but it is also powerful for gazing into ones own eyes, expressing love and gratitude to your inner self, and receiving answers from that place behind your own eyes where wisdom resides. It may seem intimidating at first, but getting wisdom from your own self and knowing it's always there is the greatest goal.
    12. Pendulum. This was my first tool of preference and if you're not familiar, I encourage you to try it. A pendulum can be used to access any truth, make any decision, talk to your body to discover hidden beliefs, allergy triggers, the best nutritional choices, even find lost objects. We have pendulums available, but you can make your own easily. Once you determine this is a useful tool for you, then you can buy a special one if you like. I love this tool and have written resources to assist you.
    13. Prayer beads or “worry” stones. Prayer beads are small to medium-sized beads strung together and can be used to count or just move your fingers from one to the next as a distraction from other thought or to focus thought. Worry stones are held in the hand or pocket to fidget with allowing the mind to escape routine thought or give it something to focus on. A meditative practice in itself. Doing something repetitive with your hands can free the mind and body of excess energy. You can use actual prayer beads, any beaded necklace, beans, small smooth stones, Chinese baoding balls, even allowing rice or sand to fall through your fingers can be effective. You can buy something special, or do as I do and collect objects while in nature. There are always plenty of things around the house to use as well.
    14. Meditation. If you're not a regular meditator, there are many methods for beginners that can quickly and effectively take you to a place of great relaxation and receptiveness. Since many already have a preferred meditation method I won't elaborate now. Consider additional information here.
    15. Get Grounded. All the electrical circuits in your home are “grounded” to reduce the risk of physical harm. As an electrical being, you need to be grounded too. The Earth is here to support us in so many ways and discharging electrical current is just one of them. Even the Earth has a system for discharging excess electrical charge, it's called lightning. Excess electrical charge in the body can short circuit our brains, cause our tempers to rise and over stimulate our emotions not to mention promote disease and other long term effects on our health. Play in the dirt or use earthing devices. Better yet, make your own! I sleep on a homemade grounding pad and what a difference it has made in the quality of my sleep and dreams.
    16. Get UNgrounded. Suspension, disconnection from the Earth can offer its own effects. This can happen while floating on the water in a boat, kayak or canoe; floating in a pool, bathtub, sensory deprivation tank or even hanging in a hammock or hammock-type chair can un-ground you. Some of these options are impractical for your bedroom, but at least try a hammock or suspension chair.
    17. Drums, Rainstick or Rattle. The rhythmic beating of a drum or use of a rainstick or rattle are common for shamanic journeying, but can also be used to pattern the heart and brain waves to the level of your choosing. Rhythmic patterns are also useful for taking the mind away from the external and drawing it to the internal. These tools can also be a little expensive, but you can make your own.
The more you experience your sacred place, intending and feeling the energy there, asking and receiving guidance, the more you condition this space to give you what you need triggered by your mere presence there. Soon, the space and the energy of that space know why you've come and offer you peace and solutions without specific request. It is equally important to create a virtual sacred place, one that can be where ever you are and used at any moment. Ultimately our tools for love, peace and happiness should be carried inside and on-call.

    Your Virtual Sacred Place

    Now that you have created a physical sacred place, this will be easier in some ways because you can use  what you've already created to extend to this virtual place. There are added elements possible however as a virtual place we can explore. If you decided to skip directly to the virtual space I recommend at least reading the section describing the physical sacred space above. As you read, think only in terms of what is useful in a virtual space as some aspects of the process are the same and I will not elaborate again in this section.

    1. Identify Your Sacred Place. In many ways your virtual sacred place is much easier to create because you need not consider how the location may be impacted by others in your household (people or pets). I find it is still useful to identify a place in the body to “house” your sacred space. You can choose any place that works for you. I personally use the sacred space of the heart to house mine (which is a small chamber at a specific location within my physical heart), but yours can reside in your brain, solar plexus, a particular chakra, pineal gland, third eye, or even in a fingertip where everything you touch is impacted. Find your place and your reason for it to be “housed” there. Go to that place in your body now, look around, see what's there already and proceed to step two.
    2. Fill your place with Pure Intent. Same as for the physical place, this virtual place should be filled with your pure intent for its purpose.
    3. Add Objects that Support You. Just as in your physical space, decorate your virtual space in ways that support you. These can be the same or different objects than your physical place. Remember that some things that support you are impractical in a physical place, but ALL things are possible here! As the energy of your ancestors and loved ones arrive to support you, they may bring their own things to encourage you as well. At various times, your space may be visited by any number of guides. People you recognize as well as guides from the plant, animal and elemental worlds. When something appears to you, it may be a sign to look at that object further to determine its strengths, virtues and challenges Determine how it relates to your present situation. Remember that the subconscious mind and the spirit world often “think” in pictures and symbols. When something pops into your mind, you can say “that's odd” or you can ask “what does this mean for me?” The later is infinitely more useful. There are no coincidences of thought or action in this place. Remember you have already set the intention that all things in this place be of the highest guidance and value.
    4. Be In that Space. Yes, just like your physical place, you must quiet your mind and “physically” choose to go to your virtual sacred place. Be in that place just as if it were a physical place. Don't see yourself there, BE there. See your tools, smell what's there, feel the energies present and draw on them for guidance and support. The more vividly you experience your sacred place, the easier it will be to return there instantly and in full force as needed. Feel free to anchor this sacred place to a point on your body to deepen the experience and open a fast path to reach it. Sometimes when you need it the most, it can prove the most difficult to access because your mind is flooded with anger or feelings of disconnectedness that make it more difficult. At these times, you will be grateful for the anchor you created.
    5. Unique Virtual Elements. In this virtual place, ALL things are possible, so let's look at some potentials. The potentials are unlimited, so here are a few jumping-off places. Get creative:
      1. Box of All Knowledge. Create a beautifully carved box of knowledge or even an entire side room with a complete Library of Knowledge! You're the architect of your sacred place, you decide. Your box of knowledge can have a synced filing system so whatever you need will magically appear on the index card at the top when you open the box. Your complete library could have rows and rows with shelves and shelves holding books or boxes filled with everything you could possibly need. Walk the labyrinth of aisles until you see a glowing book, or perhaps it falls on the floor in front of you or floats into your hands displaying the answer you seek. It could even hit you in the head like a brick. Have fun, this is your place! This is a powerful tool, so if you need a little help to use is more effectively, look deeper into these resources.
      2. Life Control Panels. “Building” a control panel in your sacred space can be an amazingly empowering and life changing tool. Your panel of control knobs, lights, toggles, dials and buttons can include ways to control your every need. This tool can change your physical body as well as your thoughts! Consider creating a panel to control your metabolism, cravings, emotions, temper, patience level, motivation level, pain levels, health indicators, etc. Remember, your physical body can't tell the difference between what you vividly imaging and reality, so make it real! This is a delicate tool and should be well-thought-out before implementing, so follow this link and accept my help on this one before taking it further on your own.
      3. Magic Dressing Room. Open a side door from your sacred space to a room holding magic objects to be used as needed or perhaps your door opens a cabinet or wardrobe rather than an entire room. Your magic room could contain a golden ring that when worn boosts your confidence, maybe a magic hat, article of clothing, suit coat, cape, driving glasses, golf gloves, thinking cap, the possibilities are endless! Feel free to accept help with this one too.
      4. Waterfall or Reflecting Pond. Yes, you can even get into the water and let the waterfall splash over your head creating insight or make it an act of cleansing or washing away.
      5. Fireplace or Bonfire. Use it to create hygge, warmth and comfort or turn it into a fiery furnace to ignite passion or burn away impurities or bad habits. 
      6. Wall Decor. Feel free to hang things the walls in your sacred place. Pictures of loved ones like in Harry Potter where they move and smile back, even emanate love. A virtual vision board would be a useful option to keep your goals in front of you. Just remember to close your eyes while in your sacred space or turn out the light there when appropriate to listen for guidance sometimes. Perform rituals, light candles, etc. in your space. Remember to BE in the space doing things you would do in a physical sacred space.
      7. Movie Theater Screen or Holographic Display. Screens and displays can be a place for guides to appear with offerings of assistance, pictures and messages. Perhaps the image will be of you taking your next step and how it will impact others or the world. At times this is a 3-D or 4-D environment so that these guides can hand you tools from the screen or hologram. You can also replay past events to see them from another person's perspective. Either from the perspective of the other person involved or from that of an impartial onlooker. From this perspective you may understand that their intention wasn't to hurt you, but something else was at play. Discover it and be at peace! Or watch a “bad” event as its effects play out over the upcoming weeks, months or years and experience the good that can come. Maybe it wasn't a “bad” event after all.

    At some point we come to know that where ever we are, IS a sacred place simply because we are there. Know that the support of all those we love and who have loved us are always with us, guiding us with love, understanding and acceptance. In this we find our joy, peace and contentment along our path. Our earthly path no longer becomes a rough road, but a place to live our experiences in community with help and assistance; growing and learning and enjoying the journey. Never alone, but always among friends and guides who love us deeply.

    Help others by sharing your thoughts and images of your special sacred place.

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